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A.M.E.C. is pleased to bring Speedway Autocross to the Capital District area in 2011. All events throughout the summer will be held at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, NY.  on the left for more information and online registration.






A.M.E.C. will be holding a Speedway Autocross series in 2011 on the pavement of Albany Saratoga Speedway's recently repaved 4/10ths mile oval. This is not your usual parking lot deal with tight gates and twisty corners. This is for people who like to open it up and carry some speed through the pylon gates as they traverse the recently paved asphalt in Malta.



Autocross #1 is Sunday June 12th.
Autocross #2 is Saturday July 9th with a rain date of Sunday July 10th.
Autocross #3 is Saturday September 17th with a rain date of Sunday September 18th.
Autocross #4 is Sunday October 2nd.

Where: Albany Saratoga Speedway! For directions please go to (the Albany Saratoga Speedway web site) or consult the map below.

View Albany-Saratoga Speedway in a larger map

Why: Because AMEC used to put on some of the most well attended fastest autocrosses around at Albany Saratoga Speedway. This was from the late 60’s until about 1976 when they covered the track with clay. “Back in the day” AMEC would pull 80 entrants to an autocross when other clubs running in parking lots were getting 30 mostly because of the venue. The course will be simple and fast, yet challenging. You will get 2 laps per run with a few gates here and there and a slalom on one straight away. A minimum of 3 runs per car and more if we can fit them in.

Scoring: Will be with an electronic scoring system. A timing device will be attached to your car. If you have a plastic or fiberglass car we may tape a piece of metal to the car for the magnetic timer to secure to.

Cost:  $40 per driver if pre registering $50 at the gate on the day of the event. Spectator admission is free into the grandstands. Extra people or pit crew will be charged $5 per person to enter the pit area.

What to bring: any car that is safe to drive, street car, or race car, a helmet built in the last 15 years. Once again, spectator admission is free so bring your family and have fun watching from the grandstands. The track will have food for sale and bathrooms.

Prizes:  Yes, we will be awarding stickers to the top 3 finishers in each class along with a strong probability of  year end class championship trophies to be awarded at seasons conclusion.

Classes: There will be a minimal number of classes for ease of registration and classing:

1. Stock Up to 2.5 liters
2. Stock Over 2.5 liters
3. Prepared Up to 2.5 liters
4. Prepared Over 2.5 liters
5. Modified Up to 2.5 liters
6. Modified Over 2.5 liters
7. Open Class - Open wheel and home built race cars.

STOCK- Street driven with no modifications. Air filter and intake, cat back exhaust or coffee can muffler allowed.
PREPARED- Street driven with modifications to the engine and or suspension.
MODIFIED - All other street type vehicles. Anything with DOT "R" compound tires.(R compound tires in AMEC at this time mean a tread wear rating of 100 or less).  ALL turbo cars.
OPEN - Open wheel and home built race cars.

Register for the most current race at:

 Here is some more info on the autocross and some rules

Gates open at 7:30 AM for track workers only to arrive, for all others 8:00.

Registration opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 9:15 AM. Try and get there early!

Drivers meeting at 9:30 AM

First car out after divers meeting.

What to do when you get there.

When you come into the pits EVERYONE (even if not driving) must sign the release form.
There will be a person at the gate with the form to sign. If you have pre registered then go find a parking spot after checking in. If you are not pre registered you must fill out the registration paperwork and pay $50 to race. That is assuming we are not full.

Find a parking space.

Get your car ready for the track.

Take your car to Tech inspection.

If time allows, it is suggested that you walk the track. A map of the course will be posted.

Attend the mandatory drivers meeting.


#1 When in the pit area, the speed limit is 10mph.

#2 Any spinning of wheels, brake tests, doing "donuts" etc. is grounds for disqualification.

#3 Remove all unsecured items from the car, including floor mats, before going to Tech. Any item in the car during a run must be bolted down, i.e.: audio systems, spare tire etc. including the battery.

#4 Check your lug nuts and tire pressures. In most cases, you will want higher than normal pressures.

#5 The drivers window must be open during a run.

#6 Helmets must be worn at all times while on the track. Do not remove it until you are in the pits. Helmets must be 1995 or newer Snell or DOT rated.

#7 The seatbelt must be fastened at all times while on the track.

The days run order will be determined the day of the event

#9 Passengers will be allowed, adults only, and must have seat belt fastened and wear a helmet.

Knock a cone out of the box. 2 second penalty.

Two wheels off course is a DNF (did not finish).

Hitting any cones after finishing a run is a DNF.

There will be more pertinent information at the drivers meeting.

That’s about all the rules for now.

Any questions you can call or write one of us below.

Dave Burnham 518 875 6956 racing48 (at)

Richard Vedder (518) 762-8382 rcvedder (at)

Darryl Carl (518) 528 4083 dcarl (at)